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Characteristics of atomized aluminium:.

The history of our company began in March Throughout all time we lead production activity in the non-ferrous metals and alloys market. In , we launched a complex for the production of aluminum powder.

Our engineers have considerable experience in the industrial and scientific fields. At the production facilities introduced and implemented a large number of technical innovations.

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The company continuously developed and updated in order to achieve the best results. We are successfully working not only in Ukraine but also with consumers from Western Europe e.

Our technology for the production of aluminum powder based on the atomization of the molten metal by compressed air. The impurities in aluminium powder is determined according to customer requirements.

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  • It is also possible to produce aluminium alloys powder. Упаковка в биг-беги по 1 тонне.

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    Также возможно изготовление порошков алюминиевых сплавов. Soft containers Big-Bags - 1 ton each. LLC "Vtorteh".

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    Our clients:. Address 26, Bogunskogo str. Welcome our web-site.

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